Each author's design project in the classical style of Katrina Antonovich enchants with its perfection and harmony. And most importantly, admirable for its exclusivity and uniqueness. The traditional canons of classical interior designer add spectacular decorative techniques. Interior bedroom country house, which belongs to a family with a long tradition and aristocratic roots, has turned particularly elegant and refined. Light range of shades, which prevails in the interior makes the room more light and airy. High ceilings look splendor and elegance thanks to the abundance of curls stucco decoration. Part of the stucco decoration is covered with gold leaf. In the center of the ceiling bedroom apartment is decorated with elegant chandelier in the classic style with a lot of crystal pendants and delicate shades in the form of candles. The pleasant feeling of warmth and comfort of home interior designers ensured via the floor of natural marble and luxurious Persian rug. Natural wood furniture inlaid with carved decoration of handwork. Here every detail is beautiful and luxurious.
Bedroom interior in classic style, Katrina Antonovich
Bedroom interior in classic style, Katrina AntonovichBedroom interior in classic style, Katrina Antonovich

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