The interior design of public establishments differs significantly from the interior design of private houses. After all, it is up to the competently organized space to determine how comfortable it is for customers and staff. A thoughtful and pleasant appearance will force the visitor to return there again. To public institutions, which often visits a large number of people can be attributed to the clinic. The interior design of the clinic is an important part of the successful and successful work of the institution. Design features: First of all, the room should be safe and comfortable for the patient. — The situation should not oppress and act depressingly, on the contrary, the more hospitable the interior, the more comfortable and quiet the visitor will feel when staying in it. Effective work of the staff directly depends on carefully thought out and projected space. In this design project private clinic Katrina Antonovich applied the best solutions.

Private clinic Interior design,  Katrina Antonovich
Private clinic Interior design,  Katrina AntonovichPrivate clinic Interior design,  Katrina Antonovich

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