Sophistication and aesthetic perfection are characteristics of the interiors, which re created by the designers of the elite interior studio Antonovich Design. This perfection is perfected and improved from year to year. The elegance of shapes and lines harmoniously resonate with the mood of the eternal celebration of life, which is inherent in this style of neoclassicism. Each element of the decor, each curl pattern, each piece of furniture blends, combining into a single picture of luxury and comfort of home. Designers offer the perfect interior design that is underlined with pieces of furniture of luxury European brands. The main hero of the interior room was a luxury sofa. The softness of velvet in conjunction with mirrored décor gives the sofa a stylish and charming look. Armchairs harmoniously pick velvet soft of the sofa, stressing that this furniture, as well as the entire interior, is designed for respectable and ambitious people. Table at the same time elegant and austere, reflects a new look at familiar things, styles and materials. A beautiful showcase adequately decorated luxury living room interior. Valuable species wood with graceful curves, glass shelves with modern lighting look very harmonious at this luxury unique interior. Apartment interior design Istanbul underlined the status of its owners and their wonderful taste.
Apartment interior design Istanbul,  Antonovich Design

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