Under a graceful and sophisticated facade of a country palace complex in Bodrum with exquisite decorative elements, delicate wrought-iron balustrades, ornate entrance portals the main contents of the design project is hidden, namely the luxurious interior. The greatness of the classic style in the embodiment of great ideas by talented designers of Antonovich Design Studio gave homeowners the house of a unique beauty and grandeur.
From the first moments of stay in the mansion you understand the greatness and grandeur of this design project. The interior of the hall in the central part of the building has become the main axis around which the luxury of beautiful apartment of this home «circles in the dance». Gorgeous staircase with curvy shapes and lines leads to the second floor of the house. Marble railing, wrought-iron balustrade with elegant swirls patterns, marble steps with concealed lighting, ideal outlines made staircase the main interior decoration. The combination of light and brown marble in the decoration of the staircase and silver mosaic tiles continues in the design of the hall floors also. Classic ceiling with neat moldings decorated with exquisite stucco elements and point crystal chandeliers. Interior of a living room is very warm with home coziness, while continuing the concept of luxury and grandeur design project. Saturated deep color of rotten cherries in windows decoration and upholstery perfectly combined with natural wood brown shade and carved elements of gold leaf gilding. In the classical picture of the living room designers added festive light touches of Art Deco style in the form of a mirror with beveled panels on the walls. Separate territory in the house where you can fully immerse in the comfort and enjoyment of the stay is the hookah room. Noble velvet in upholstered sofas is in a perfect harmony with the decoration of windows and a luxurious baldachin bed in the decoration of the ceiling.
Classic style by talented designers gives the interior of the house a special status that can be assigned to a work of art.
luxurious interior, Interior Design Bodrum , Interior Design
luxurious interior, Interior Design Bodrum , Interior Design
luxurious interior, Interior Design Bodrum , Interior Design

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