The design project of this house was created for owners of luxury mansion in Antalya. Designers of the boutique of elite decor Antonovich Home added exquisite notes of the East in luxurious and elegant art. Interior of a bedroom favorably emphasized the unusual layout of the room. Large panoramic windows are separated by stylish half-columns with mirrored panels and elegant capitals. Each of the windows curtained with a luxurious brocade in golden and silvery tones. Wide double-deck molding with oriental ornaments, outlining the high ceiling gives the bedroom integrity and finished image. Center of luxury bedroom interior is defined with a chandelier with gracefully curved forged elements and neat plafonds of milky shades. With the help of modern methods of lighting the designers of the boutique achieved such a stylish effect. The ceiling is completed with ornate curls of author patterns and a variety of small spotlights.
The design of the walls is full of spectacular design solutions. The wall behind the headboard is decorated with original volumetric 3D panel in the form of fine petals, each of which is highlighted with the hidden soft blue backlighting. The wall opposite is decorated with soft natural leather of milky shade, which in places of tightening is supplemented with Swarovski crystals.
The main decoration of the interior was the author luxurious furniture. Drawer units and cabinets inlaid with carved decor handmade. The sofa is covered with luxurious velvet of blue hue, and a large bed is decorated with stylish carved headboard made of wood, painted in a milky white color.
The bedrooms is more spacious warmer and more comfortable because of wooden floor and original carpet in the middle. This is the interior design for a luxury holiday in an environment of beauty.

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