We are glad to present a new architectural pearl of work designer and architect Katrina Antonovich. The beautiful appearance of the building combines the motives of Oriental and Mediterranean style. The combination of cream and white shades at the exterior stylishly set off by the decisions of landscape design. A significant portion of the overall architectural appearance occupy outdoor terraces with white classical balustrades. The building looks very elegant, airy, light. This is facilitated by the large windows with inserts of brass and beautiful stained glass windows. Each view villa opens it in a new way and gives a wonderful feeling of pleasure aesthetic perfection. Perfect balance, symmetry and beautiful techniques of plastic building became the foundation of its beauty and artistic expression.
Architectural masterpieces of Katrina Antonovich
Architectural masterpieces of Katrina AntonovichArchitectural masterpieces of Katrina AntonovichArchitectural masterpieces of Katrina Antonovich

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