Luxurious bedroom with a large panoramic window framed in fine tradition of classical style with elements of baroque and art deco. Interior designers Katrina Antonovich exquisitely mixes styles to achieve the unique beauty solutions. In the interior of a bedroom dominated by a cool range of silver and turquoise shades. Due to the large window, a sufficient amount of natural light enters the room. The decoration of the ceiling designer offered luxurious art mural depicting blue skies with clouds. In the design of the walls there are beautiful decor panel with backlight. Luxury four-poster bed raised on a low podium, which outlined luxurious carved patterns with gold and light. Window decoration combines classic curtains and Roman blinds in shades of turquoise with openwork embroidery. Brilliantly smart looks and marble tiles on the floor with an elegant oriental ornament.
Palatial  bedroom design , Katrina AntonovichPalatial  bedroom design , Katrina AntonovichPalatial  bedroom design , Katrina Antonovich

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