The luxurious interior of the working cabinet reflects the respectability of its owner, and the importance of the decisions that are taken in this room. Interior Designer of Katrina Antonovich harmoniously continues the design concept of a luxury villa. The basis of the interior decor of natural wood valuable species. On a light background look great wall decor items such as carved decoration with gold. The interior is beautifully combined business atmosphere with the warmth of home comfort. The flooring decor looks great noble marble with carved patterns. Upholstered furniture is upholstered with noble textiles printed pattern. ceiling design fully corresponds to the spirit of modern classics. Traditional wonderful moments are combined with modern lighting techniques. It is inspiring and a very comfortable way of luxurious interior of the cabinet design studio in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design.

Office interior design, Katrina Antonovich
Office interior design, Katrina AntonovichOffice interior design, Katrina AntonovichOffice interior design, Katrina Antonovich

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