What is the absolute beauty, absolute comfort and absolute happiness? This is a very philosophical question. And, nevertheless, an interior designer Katrina Antonovich tried to answer this question with the help of the bedrooms of the project. As soon as the contemplation of the detailed visualization of the interior is beautiful emotions. I would like to be considered infinitely every corner, every curl pattern, each element of the decor. This is a completely new format of the classical style. When the time-tested canons, designers add stunning accents freshness and bright colors. Improvisation with lighting and stucco decoration with gold determined enchanting and festive mood of the interior. This beautiful bedroom interior was another beautiful gem among Antonovich Design studio design projects.
Master bedroom design, Katrina Antonovich

Master bedroom design, Katrina AntonovichMaster bedroom design, Katrina AntonovichMaster bedroom design, Katrina Antonovich

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