Design and design of swimming pools becomes an integral part of the projects of elite houses. In this interior of the pool designer Katrina Antonovich created the image of a luxurious oasis. Classic style has acquired in this interior of the pool a romantic shade. The designer of the interior masterly combines virtuosic traditions and the latest technologies. A wonderful sense of presence on the azure coast is based on the original decor. The ceiling was decorated with many point lights and a blue sky with clouds. One of the walls is decorated with an art painting with a 3d image of the sea landscape. The bowl of the pool is decorated with mosaic tiles of ultramarine color. Such exquisite details as a marble floor with carved patterns, graceful consoles with mirrors, forged rails with gilding create an overall beautiful image of the interior of the pool.
Pool Design, Katrina AntonovichPool Design, Katrina AntonovichPool Design, Katrina Antonovich
Pool Design, Katrina Antonovich

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