Exquisite, elegant, festive art deco in stylish interiors bedrooms from Katrina Antonovich becomes a beautiful reflection of the luxury of the modern era. Beauty in its design projects is very closely intertwined with comfort, the festive appearance is a harmonious continuation of luxury, and the bright individuality of the interior corresponds to the solid status of the owners of the house. Each bedroom is an ideal place to enjoy your holiday. The invariable elements of the interiors of the bedrooms in the Art Deco style are mirrored panels, as well as textile panels. The interiors in the style of art deco are beautiful in that here the flight of the imagination of designers is reflected in the luxurious decor, which is present literally in every square centimeter. Stunning ceilings with elegant chandeliers, mirrors and many backlight elements. Luxurious beds with high soft headboards and stylish decor, covered with silk bedspreads. Design of the bedroom in the style of art deco from Antonovich Design is a delightful world of luxury with cozy, festive and such lovely intimate notes.

Stylish interiors bedrooms, Katrina Antonovich
Stylish interiors bedrooms, Katrina AntonovichStylish interiors bedrooms, Katrina Antonovich

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