This is how modern palaces look. And this project of the villa from the design studio Laksheri Antonovich Design became the embodiment of a new era of luxury. This is the highest degree of beauty and comfort from talented interior designers. This is a new look at lush decoration and decor. The culmination of the beautiful interior history was the hall. This is an open space that united all the other rooms in the house. The designer uses time-tested design techniques and the possibilities of new technologies. Ideal organization of the space, mood of the solemn holiday and a wonderful feeling of warmth of home comfort. All this is harmoniously combined in this project at home. Modern aristocrats who seek to leave a good mark in history choose the design of Luxury Antonovich Design to get a house that will be the pride of more than one generation of the family. This interior of the villa is a real masterpiece, a picturesque picture that gives amazing emotions of happiness and joy.

Palace interiors, Luxury Antonovich Design
Palace interiors, Luxury Antonovich DesignPalace interiors, Luxury Antonovich DesignPalace interiors, Luxury Antonovich Design

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