Landscape design Dubai from Katrina Antonovich becomes refined framing of the building exterior. As well as in interior design, and for landscape design we offer exclusive solutions based on modern technologies. Our landscape designers learnt the subtleties of topiary art. As a rule, the landscape design is harmoniously intertwined with the building exterior design. It also takes into account peculiarities of stylistic directions. For luxury villas in Dubai interior designers offered romantic motives of flower garden. Landscaping in this project brings the area around the house to the natural landscape with bright accents. These exquisite accents began with winding paths, which are lined with natural stone. Islets of alpine rockwork give the territory artistic expression. In order to give the area at dusk cozy charm, along the paths neat lights are arranged. Romantic and elegant touches are forged arches with soft benches. Interior Designers Dubai offered charming accents in the form of flowering plants in the project. Daisies look very natural and cute, scattered stars on a green lawn. Landscape design of the luxury villa in Dubai gives pleasant emotions and a sense of aesthetic pleasure. Small sculptures in the form of fountains complement its elegant image. Everything is in perfect harmony with both the architectural image and with the natural landscape.

Landscape design ideas,  Katrina AntonovichLandscape design ideas,  Katrina AntonovichLandscape design ideas,  Katrina AntonovichLandscape design ideas,  Katrina Antonovich

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