Luxurious curtains, which decorate the interiors, become the main element of home comfort. And one of the most beautiful ways to decorate interiors in the classical style are the curtains curtains from the studio of Luxury Antonovich Design. This is the perfect combination of luxurious fabrics and elite accessories, so that every room in the house becomes especially expressive, a little romantic and, of course, magnificent. The choice of fabrics and accessories that exists today, as well as the boundless imagination of the designer, allow creating beautiful versions of the decoration of windows, never repeating. Beautiful curtains from Katrina Antonovich — a synonym for impeccability, aesthetic perfection and beauty. The designer creates unique images of luxurious interiors, paying special attention to the direction of textile design. After all, curtains become the final touch of the project, which makes the image of the interior complete in its cozy and luxurious appearance. Interiors of Katrina Antonovich become fascinating stories, each of which reveals the secret secrets of the warmth of home comfort and refined author's decisions.
Curtains Design Dubai, Katrina Antonovich
Curtains Design Dubai, Katrina AntonovichCurtains Design Dubai, Katrina AntonovichCurtains Design Dubai, Katrina Antonovich

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