On a wave of inspiration, and in close collaboration with the owners of this beautiful interior was designed luxury villas. Each square meter of the interior everything is perfect and harmonious. Each square meter is filled with sumptuous decor for authoring designers. This interior is all unique and unrepeatable. Upholstered furniture on studio sketches designers admire its magnificent decoration. Comfortable sofas are upholstered in cream-colored precious textiles. Ceiling tells a separate story of beauty and luxury. Shallow niches flowing lines highlighted by soft lighting, and elegant chandeliers fill the room a festive mood. Picks design motifs of the ceiling and floor of a magnificent natural marble with an exquisite pattern of carved stone. It is ideal where Katrina Antonovich has combined classical and oriental style.
Masterpiece interior design,  Katrina Antonovich
Masterpiece interior design,  Katrina Antonovich

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