Children's room Design from Katrina Antonovich a world of bright fantasies for a happy childhood. Cozy interiors give joy to their little owners. Only unique solutions, only the best materials, only luxurious interiors! The bedroom for girls from Katrina Antonovich embodies the gentle and charming motifs of the classical style. Bright range of colors, luxurious furniture, elite fabrics, natural materials formed the basis for the beautiful interior of the children's room for girls. Design of children's rooms from Antonovich Design is a deep and multifaceted direction. Luxury interiors have the same charming character and image as their owners. Luxurious decoration of the rooms is designed to bring up good taste and give a sense of comfort.
Children's room Design, Katrina AntonovichChildren's room Design, Katrina AntonovichChildren's room Design, Katrina Antonovich

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